Groupwise Program Release: 8.0.1 8/25/2009 (gwclient.jar)
Build Number: 88138.9629
Runtime Version : 1.5.0_19-b02-306 (Apple)
Platform: Mac OS X / 10.4.11 / ppc

We are experiencing GW 8.0.1 lock-ups on *some* of our Mac (power pc) machines. I have been chasing this for several weeks without reporting it because I couldn't find anything reproducible.

Now I at least have a lead. I took an office poll of our Mac client users and those who have Firefox 3.5.2 or later installed are experiencing crashes, but those who only use Safari are fine.

The other common piece of this is that the crash log is consistently crashing in a thread containing this in the error log, which always is doing things with WRSwingBrowser and libwebrenderer:

Thread 35 Crashed:
0 libwr_xpcom_core.dylib 0x0e852be4 nsQueryInterface::operator()(nsID const&, void**) const + 32
1 libwr_xpcom_core.dylib 0x0e852d38 nsCOMPtr_base::assign_from_qi(nsQueryInterface, nsID const&) + 40
2 libwebrenderer.jnilib 0x0eaee1a8 WRSwingBrowser::ActivateBrowser() + 56 (icplusplus.c:27)
3 libwebrenderer.jnilib 0x0eaa89e8 SetActivateBrowserMessage::run(BrowserEvent*) + 32 (icplusplus.c:27)
4 libwr_xpcom_core.dylib 0x0e898040 PL_HandleEvent + 36
5 libwr_xpcom_core.dylib 0x0e899978 nsEventQueueImpl::HandleEvent(PLEvent*) + 200
6 libwebrenderer.jnilib 0x0eaed0a4 WRSwingAppShell::RunLoop() + 96 (icplusplus.c:27)
7 libwebrenderer.jnilib 0x0ea92358 prThreadStarter(void*) + 364 (icplusplus.c:27)
8 libwr_nspr4.dylib 0x0e5c7688 PR_Select + 844
9 libSystem.B.dylib 0x9002b908 _pthread_body + 96

I discovered that was a Mozilla deal, and ... I came across this on the web:

Switching from Firefox to Groupwise kills Groupwise - | Google Groups

Which talks about a possible connection to Firefox 3.5.2.

Finally ... from my understanding our IT department is holding off on SP1, because they only just installed the GW8 upgrade.

Is anyone else seeing these problems? Is there any hope that this is a known issue fixed in SP1?