We have a new Acer netbook AS 1410 that uses the Atheros AR8131 (attansic) driver. I saw that the latest updates have that atl1e driver included in the preboot image. We're using the Zen 10.2 Sept released initrd, root, linux files.

The problem is when I try to append '"newid=0x1969 0x029b,atl1e" to either the z_maint.cfg APPEND line or even if I modify the initrd and edit the linuxrc.config file, the process that takes that information and generates the /etc/newids file always _strips_ the '0' after the leading hex 0x. So what gets generated in the newids is:

0x1969 0x29b,atl1e

Notice it's 0x29b and NOT 0x029b...

I'm assuming that there is logic in the boot process that strips out the 0.

Is there an escape character or some way to force the generation of the newsids to NOT strip off the leading 0 after the hex notation?

Thanks and advise,