Hello everyone

I just had a question about images and using scripting to help deploy apps after a machine is imaged. So, I have a laptop, an IBM T40 laptop to be precise, and I have created an image for it which I am familiar with deploying using the Zenworks Imaging Maintenance Utility. I also have a Windows bundle which I have created as a Linked Application Image so that when the image gets pushed to the machine, the add-on image also gets pushed as well.

My question is, what is the method of getting the add-on image to execute after the machine has booted. You see, the add-on image I have created is an application bundle and I would like to know how to get the application to install in an automated fashion upon booting the machine the first time and logging in. Does it make sense to run a script from within Windows to run the bundle or to use bash-scripting which everyone seems to be using for their imaging procedures. I am quite unfamiliar with bash scripting, so can someone clarify exactly where to use it? Is it something I can run through the Imaging Maintenance prompt?

If anyone can post some thoughts, it would be geatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.