I have ifolder server running as a VM in our small business. The ifolder client has been installed on one of our Servers (Windows 2003) and we run a nightly scheduled task setup as a .bat file to at first delete files from our ifolder folder and then copy new files to the ifolder folder.

I then have at my house ifolder installed on my Ubuntu desktop connected to the ifolder server at the office.

It seems that our scheduled task at the office does delete the files from the ifolder folder and copies the new files, but I've noticed that my ifolder folder on my client at home still has the old files that I thought were deleted in the scheduled task. I took a look at the ifolder server and noticed that the files that were deleted on our Windows 2003 ifolder folder at the office are still there (which is why I still see them at home).

Any ideas as to why our ifolder server doesn't recognize the delete?