Hi all

BM3.7, NW6SP2, iManager1.2.1, eDir 8.6.2. With this original config,
the NBM access management task works fine on all servers with iManager configured

I want to install Account management 3.0 which requires dirXML1.1
which requires iManager1.5 - and because it requires iManager 1.5, I decided
to upgrade to eDir8.7

OK. Picked a server to upgrade (not BM - just a backup server).
Installed eDir8.7 and iManager1.5. Everything appears to have installed OK.
iManager updated the existing tasks at startup and also added some new tasks.

However, now I have a message, "some of the roles & tasks are not available", and in the details:

Task: FilterConfiguration
Role: NBM AccessControl
Reason: ClassNotFoundException - com.novell.imanage.bm.FiltCfg

I have added BM3.7SP1 to BM, This did not fix the problem. I have
unloaded filtsrv and reloaded with -cf and sure enough (using iManager1.2.1 on
another server) I can see the filters have been cleared from eDir, but
still have the problem on the iManage1.5 server

I am now at a loss for ideas and can't find anything in the knowledge
base. Can anyone help please ?

Thanks in advance