I have created an application that copies some files to a subdirectory of the users %temp% folder. In the execution it starts access and opens the file from the location where the files are copied (also with %temp% variable). The working directory is the subdirectory where the files are copied also specified by the %temp% variable. On a normal workstation this works fine.

When I try the same on terminal server, however the application fails with error.

id=267 directory name is invalid

User temporary folders per session is turned on on the terminal server, and I would like to leave it that way.

When I query the %TEMP% variable from windows, I can see that it is set to:
The part of the zenworks that copies the files copies the files to:
c:\docume~1\HSKL\Locals~1\TEMP\19 so this is correct.

The part of zenworks that specifies the parameters or the working directory for application objects interprets the path as:

c:\Documents and Settings\HSKL\Local Settings\Temp and here the \19 subdirectory is omitted, which is imho false. Does zenworks use two different query methods for a temp variable ?

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