Whilst moving home areas between NSS volumes on Netware 6.5 SP7 to OES2 SP1 servers the moves seem to be getting stuck. If I look in the Admin interface I can see the moves are in a status of "Copying the source data". If I however look at the home directories it looks as though all the files have copied correctly. From checking the agent.log file on the OES server it is showing the following errors.

E220 Unable to create directory <Favourites>. rc=899C (INVALID_PATH or NO_MORE_TRUSTEES).
E220 Unable to create directory <My Music>. rc=899C (INVALID_PATH or NO_MORE_TRUSTEES).
E220 Unable to create directory <My Videos>. rc=899C (INVALID_PATH or NO_MORE_TRUSTEES).

All of these folders exist on both the source and destination home areas and if I manually delete the folders from the source home area the move will finish correctly. I've checked the permissions on the folders and there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary. The only difference between these and all other folders is that they are created by the workstation when a user first logs in.

This is really starting to cause me a big problem as I am having to go through lots of account to fix them manually. Also as the moves keep retrying the agent.log file on the OES2 box keeps increasing in size. - At last check the log directory was 4.8 Gig!

I am currently running engine version 2.5 and the agent is version agent is 2.5.0-112.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot/fix this issue would be appreciated otherwise I think I'll have to raise a support request with Novell.

Regards, John