We are soon going to migrate from ZenWorks 7 to ZenWorks 10 and we have an
zcm 10.2.1 environment set up but it's not yet in production. I want to try
the zcm 10.3 beta but cannot install it. I have downloaded the file:
ZCM_10_3_0_BETA1_GMC.zip to the /tmp directory (SLES 10). I'm then running
the following: zman sui /tmp/ZCM_10_3_0_BETA1_GMC.zip, then entering my
credentials. Then I get the following message: The specified update file
(/tmp/ZCM_10_3_0_BETA1_GMC.zip) does not contain any updates.

What am I doing wrong here?

John Hallberg
Jonkoping University