We have a bunch of NetWare 6.0 servers we want to migrate to OES2 Linux,
and I know I need to first upgrade them to the latest NW65 version
before introducing any OES2 Linux servers into the tree. The NW servers
are running eDir 8.6.2 SMP.

It's my understanding that if a 65SP8 server is installed into a new
tree it automatically installs eDir 8.8, but when I install a NetWare
6.5SP8 server into an existing tree with an older eDir version, it will
install locally.

Is this true, and is compatible with 8.6.2? Can those 2 eDir
versions coexist in the tree nicely?

My plan is to install new 65SP8 servers on new hardware, migrate data
over to the new servers, and decommission the old server OS and
hardware. Once that's done, we can then install new Linux servers into
the tree and prepare for the NW--to-Linux conversion.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

-- Geoff