I believe that we have an interesting problem here.

ZCM 10.2.0 on Win2k3 server in an AD environment.

The workstations are being re-imaged using mysysprep (calling their id
from the bios asset information), with a driver pack, first reboot login
which then runs a vbs script to add the pc to the domain, install the
zenworks client, etc.

All the workstations have been behaving as designed for the 200+ so far
built this way - apart from 1.

This machine seems to regard itself as a machine which already exists.

Its asset tag is 9115, but it keeps trying to change its id within ZCM to

9136 already exists, so it changes itself to 9136-'guid'.

Then, and here is the really strange part, if you perform a 'Z' icon
refresh on the workstation, magically it changes from 9136-guid in the ZCM
db to 9115, but then later starts to attempt to change itself to 9136

Any ideas ???