I was reviewing my filter exceptions after updating my NW5.1 server
SP3 to SP5 and updating BM36EE from SP1 to SP2a and noticed that on
private interface in the packet forwarding filters Deny list, there is
deny all IP to and from the private interface (2 rules). The comments

reads "Added by BCAPI to block all IP packets".

I do not recall this rule. Why would I block all IP packets on my
interface. What is BCAPI? I tried to do a search on Novell's support

site and have found nothing.

I am just double checking, but shouldn't the default filters only
block IP
on the Public interface? I did not build this server or its

We run a pretty vanilla configuration (NW5.1SP5, BMEE36SP2a). All
per Craig's website and running the tuneup options.

Steve D.

We would be running SP6 but it is just out of Beta, Apr 14.