Setting up Teaming for the first time. Trying to sync users the LDAP sync proceeds OK but never finds any users (or Groups). Our tree is simple but old. Some users did not have a uniqueID attribute (is uniqueID=uid?). I tried with an LDAP attribute of 'cn' but that didn't help. I have added uniqueIDs to all Users that didn't, still nothing (did this on Other tab in ConsoleOne, where else?). We only have 'User' not 'Person' which is what I would have thought most Netware sites would have. Neither ConsoleOne (no snap-ip) nor iManager support Person and yet the default filter has Person but not User so I am puzzled by that. I have tried adding a filter for Users i.e. (|(objectClass=User)) but this has not helped. I have tried other variations on the filter since I can't find any specification of the syntax.