My boss had something weird happen and I promised him to post it on the forums to see if you folks had any ideas.

We are running GW8.0.1.

He was at home and logged into Webmail. In Webmail, he opened a message to him from userA. He then made additions to the message and forwarded it TO userB and CC'd to userC. (userA, B, and C are all internal Groupwise users). After he sent it, looking at the 'sent item' properties, he noticed it was TO userB and CC'd to userC AND

Looking at the GWIA logs confirms that the message was sent to

We are trying to determine how this happened. He claims emphatically that he didn't type in the external user's name and we have no reason to believe he's not telling the truth.

I checked in his address book and the external user's address is NOWHERE in his address book -- not in a personal book nor in frequent contacts. Thus he couldn't have done an auto-complete mistakenly. Also, the external user's address doesn't appear in any groups so he couldn't have typed in a group that had that address.

It honestly looks like the address was just randomly populated but we can't come up with any way how.

I've opened an SR with Novell but they are stumped as well and can't give me an explanation.

Any ideas?