Help Please..

I currently am running a novell box with BorderMgr 3.7 and Groupwsie
soon to be 6.0), w/ GWIA( I also have
a 2k
Pro ( box running Surfcontrol email filter on the

What I am trying to do is have incomming mail on port 25 go through
BM/GW system to the SurfControl system on .200, and then let the
Surfcontrol system forward the mail to the GW system on .252.

Meanwhile allow GW clients to send out through the GWIA system.

What appears to be happening is, as long as the GWIA is running. as
as incoming mail hits the 64...134 address GWIA picks it up before the

forwarding take place. I have kinds of gotten around this be adding a

second ipaddress and assigning static NAT ( This
the mail to route corrrectly but still leaves the mail system
on 134.

We are also having problems with the GWIA being able to send out to
internet with the firewall.

TIDS I have been playing with:10013823 10013822