I have a problem with one workstation with one user, that after adding
an NDPS printer and then restarting or rebooting, any installed NDPS are

This doesn't happen if I log in as that user on other workstations.
This doesn't happen if I log in as a different user on his workstation.

This is Netware 6.5 SP7, using Zenworks 7, but the printers are being
manually added as NDPS printers. IP printers don't disappear, of course
(but they're not managed at all via Zen or any Novell elements at this
time.) Workstations are all XP SP3.

The two oddities about this situation, vs. any others in this site, are
that someone cloned his machine using some disk-cloning program, rather
than imaging it via Zen, and that someone also manually created a new
user account for him without using the template. (Beware having
Windows-only guys try to do support on Netware!) I've gone back into
his account, though, and made sure he's in all of the same groups as
people who have no problem keeping the printers installed, and adding in
the appropriate policies that are applied to other users. I've also
presumably registered the workstation in Zen (though I admit to not
being sure how I can verify this.)

I can install NDPS printers & they stay installed on other logins on his
station, but if I log in as him, they are clearly -removed- shortly
after login, visibly seeming concurrent with NAL running. I can also
log in as him at another workstation and then install NDPS printers and
they stay installed.

Local logins are created dynamically via Zen, and all other workstations
are imaged via Zen.

There is nothing in the printers (i.e. Remote mgmt) to either remove
them from workstations nor install them automatically to workstations.

It's just that I can't get NDPS printers to stay installed for this one
user on this one station that would be a PITN to replace with a properly
imaged station. (His original station has already been re-imaged so
it's not running concurrently on the network as it was.)

I'm cross-posting this (hopefully to the right Zen group) as I don't
know if I need to look for answers in Zen or in NDPS/printer mgmt.

Thanks for any hints, thoughts, clues, or ways to fix it.