We've had a lot of problems with the 8.0.1 client. We had a pilot roll-out of 8.0 HP2 that went relatively well. The last phase of the roll-out was 8.0.1. It's been a nightmare. Some of the issues include:

1. Random crashes of the client - The client just disappears. No errors, nothing. I'd assume user error in this case, but mine has done it too. It usually happens when users click the Send button. Luckily, GW8 added the autosave feature so users aren't extremely angry. It's still very annoying.

2. Writing Tools hidden - This is a weird one. When a user clicks send Writing Tools becomes a hidden window. You can see it in the task bar, but can not bring up the window. We have to end task to get rid of it.

3. Deployment errors - After deployment via ZENworks, we see a language DLL error once. Things "usually" work after the error though.

4. Address books disappear - On numerous occassions, users lose their personal and/or GroupWise address books. We have to re-add them via the Mail icon in the Control Panel.

Are these unique to us? We're pushing out the client with ZENworks 7 using the .MSI. All of the workstations are XP. We'd use the setup.exe but we hate the fact that users can click Cancel to kill the installation. Of course, this causes even more calls to the helpdesk.

Anyone have any ideas on why we're cursed? Should we switch back to the 8.0 HP2 client?