If running OES2SP1 on SLES10SP2, in the Novell documentation (OES2 SP1
planning doc page
recommends that you don't create other POSIX users during the SLES install,
for various reasons, which means you would only have root if you need to
login to the SLES box by GUI or terminal.

Is this generally what's recommended?

Some considerations:

- If I need to talk somebody on the phone through debugging a problem with a
server I'm not physically at, presently in NetWare I simply talk them
through the console screens, but on SLES you need to login to the GUI or
terminal first, but this would mean I would have to give them the root
password, giving them access (if they know how) to ALL files on that server
that would otherwise be eDir user protected in the NSS volumes. Obviously I
don't want to do this, any suggestions?

- If I'm running GroupWise agents, I was told that I don't need to run the
agents under root. Sorry but I haven't hit the GroupWise testing on my
system as yet so maybe this will be clearer when I go to do it, but if I
don't provide the root user to the GroupWise agents, presumably I have to
give another POSIX user (or eDir user if on an NSS volume) for the agent to

Comments appreciated.