I've got a maddening problem with the latest IR4 Hp1 agent. I had a
thread going on about uninstalling/reinstalling in this forum.

I have a classic example on my bench. I have 3 identical machines. I
had just "fixed" the agent by uninstalling/reinstalling. 2 of them are
now broken again. What happens is you see the splash screen, and the
zen icon in the tray has the "off line" appearance. You can't get a
menu by right clicking. Applications don't appear, nor do start menu
entries, nor does Application Explorer. Running Naldiag will cause it
to hang in the background.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the agent fixes this, however it will
happen again. I also deleted the workstation objects in the tree just
in case and let them reregister with the new agent.

Any suggested trouble shooting tactics to try?