At Nwconfig console trying to install the BM 3.9 SP1, I got this error:

Error on analyzing the file ...\SP12\SPACKA.ILS line 10 on the word or symbol "END" or near it. Error description: The file sets with the name "BM38SP" as no description. (nwconfig-6-232)

Reading a TXT file on the BM 3.8.1, it says to copy the MSGVAR.RCF,
SPACK.ILS, and SPACKA.ILS files from \sp\4
directory located at the root of the extracted
build, to the language directory of the server
that is being used. For example, directory \sp\4
for English, \sp\6 for French, \sp\7 for German,
\sp\9 for Japaneese, \sp\12 for Portuguese
Brazilian, and \sp\14 for Spanish.

I have already done it. I suppose that the language directory is: SIS:SYSTEM\NLS. This hadn't resulted. The error persists.

I will appreciate all the help you can give me,