I'm struggling with a new GMS301 server and GW801 POAs.

We had problems earlier as well with GMS 2 on Windows, so we installed a new 301 on SLES and things worked fine just for a while on the new server. But now we're experiencing problems again.

On the GW server we've seen that one POA is using all CPU utilization and we had to restart it often as the CPU util went fast up again. As we could see from the http monitor it looks like SOAP threads being hung up. So this was the first area of troubleshooting.
As I also see that others have problems with dca I disabled this for this POA. For now this actually seems to have helped regarding the CPU utilization.

Though now we are UNABLE to log into GMS!!!
Web interface is just timing out. I see nothing in the POA logs and from GMS Admin pages the Server Activity logs I can see some info:
'GroupWise authenticator not responding' and 'failed to login to website'.

Though the authentication sources are correct, SOAP is enabled and running on the POAs, and I can access http://gwip:7191/soap on all postoffices (on the different ports of course).

Any solutions to this out there?

Btw: GW server is running 8 POAs, but only one of them have had utilization problems.