That particular blade had a PCI bus error, so yesterday the MotherBoard was replaced.

16Gig RAM
2x Quad Xeon (all blades for all OS have identical HW config)
Emulex 1105 FC-HBA
SAN Boot, 30 Gig
Path 2 to SAN boot device disabled at Switch
(for testing also enabled, no difference, see video)

chkdsk.exe (DR-Dos 7.02) is telling that the C: drive is OK.

The first install failed before the faulty MB was replaced. As this isn't a
productive system yet, I wanted to gather experience with it and tried to do another
installation, with the already existing C: drive.

NW-Setup started with [inst: spedir] will go just to the point after the local
drive's check. After the successfull "checking local drives" was done, the ABEND
shows up.

To show whats going on have a look here:


The video was taken with both paths enabled (that was just a try to see what will
happen) Maybe I missed something important, somone else will see immediately?

From a previously similar situation (also HS21-XM, a different one) I assume, that
deleting the C: partition will make the trouble to go away.

But that's not a "solution" applicalbe for a productive system, in case it should
happen again: So I'd like to get the cause for this amazing issue.

Any suggestions appreciated,

regards, Rudi.