I have recently create a second GroupWise server and setup a second post office. We use tape to back up both systems. Right now, if server 1 goes down, we rebuild, restore from tape and then we are back up, many hours later. Running Gw8.0.1 sp1 on win 2003 servers.

I thought that if we were to make copies of the post office from server1 onto server2, it would create a restore area as well as a copy of the postoffice I could point to quickly if server1 went down. I realize it would be last nights stuff, but I could get things back up and running quickly, while trying to rebuild the downed server.

Two questions:

1. does this seem reasonable for a DR plan? about 300gb of data. nightlys could be restored fairly quickly.

2. What is the best/easiest way to get the po data over to the other server. Tape backup is a manual process.

Any input would be great. Been doing groupwise for a while, but never had more than one box or even more than one po.