I am getting this error on my server:

10-14-2009 8:47:35 am: RMANSRVR-3.7-0
Severity = 2 Locus = 17 Class = 3
The Resource Management Service could not open the data file SYS:/ndps/resdir/ENGLISH/prndrv/winXP/47E167FD/ARCHIVES/NDPSDRVR.ZIP. Error code 1. Make sure the file exists, is not protected and has not been corrupted, then try the task again.
So, I did some research, and found this:

10100850: "The Resource Management Service could not open the data file" when loading the NDPS Broker

Except I am a tad confused, what exactly does step 4 mean?

It says,
4. Use iManager or NWAdmin to change the driver association for that printer agent(s). Note: ensure the broker is loaded when you perform this step.
But I have reloaded the drivers countless times, and then resynched the database, all to no avail, but is this different then what they are saying to do?

Any help would be appreciated.