Good Morning,

I have a current issue with one computer i recently applied a image.

Here is what i did

1.- Took image from pc and applied to another users pc.
2.- After applying image, i changed the computer name to the current user.
3.- After that, the Zenworks agent made some adjustments and duplicated the SN for both computer and i was only able to manage one of the computers.
4- Somehow the agent got uninstalled from user computer and i had to re-deploy the agent again, i unregister both computer and removed the GUID from the settings on each one computer.When i unregister one of the pcs i have no issues. when i go to unregister the second pc i receive an error code -28
5.- Re-register the computer and work fine, but i re-register the second computer the first one dissapears from the container.
6.- User accounts are not experiencing any issues.

Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated