I've searched the documentation for any reference to Xen and can find nothing. Even the comment that appeared in the 2.0 README about not being supported in a Xen VM has been removed.

The Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition 2.5 Administration and Installation Guide (section 2.1) states:
If you use a VMware* or other virtualized environment session instead of a physical server, make sure to designate the boot sequence to boot from the CD-ROM.
As you can see, VMware is referenced and the implication is that users may be installing in "other virtualized environment session"s but there is no mention of what may or may not be supported.

Since NOWS SBE 2.0 was NOT supported running in a Xen VM, I would expect the NOWS SBE 2.5 documentation to state whether that restriction is still in effect or if it has been removed.

What configurations are supported with respect to NOWS SBE 2.5 and Xen?

What restrictions still exist with respect to NOWS SBE 2.5 and Xen?

Would someone please update the documentation...