Hi to everyone,

I need some advice from you how to deploy a new installation.

The setup will be as fallows:

- 300 users/machines on the same site;

- ZCM Imaging module for Win XP and Win Vista, on this stage, Win 7 after the effective lunch by MS;
o There is some machines with 64Bits, also for imaging;

- ZCM patch management module, for Workstations and servers, in Windows OS, English only;

- ZCM inventory module for Windows workstations and servers;

- At the start, we can provide a 100 GB SAN storage for this;

- All the workstations have at least 512 MB of RAM on the above mentioned OS;

- The BD will be on an MS SQL server, external to the machines that will have the ZCM;

Please advice on the HW requisites and OS ( Windows or Linux) that you think would be advisable to install for the server(s) that will be supporting this solution.

Pros and cons?

Any ideas and thoughts will be much appreciated.

Kind regards