* I know this isn't directly related to Novell but it does involve a problem enabling the iprint addon in IE7 so I'm hoping someone might know the answer to this! thanks

I'm trying to create a custom package of IE7 to distribute via Zenworks 7 to a network of XPSP3 computers with IE6. All other settings I've changed using IEAK7 are applying except the enabling of 2 addons: Citrix ICA Client + Novell iPrint Control

The result is the user has to enable the addons themselves on initial use but I was hoping to automate this during the install

I have checked they are both enabled during the import of program settings in IKEA7 and because all other settings are being applied I'm sure everything is being done correctly

Is there any way to get this working? Or any other way to enable the addons without the user being involved?