We have at last got iManager working on our new BM3.7 server.
Filtering is
working, and I went to add one of my previous filter exceptions (to
access to newsgroups from my PC only).
I set it up in iManager with the PC's fixed IP address, but it
connect. When I changed the filter to allow any PC to access it was
OK. On
investigation there are two weird things:
1) If I choose 'Source Address Type = Network' iManager tells me the
address & subnet mask ( do not match.
2) If I choose 'Source Address Type = Host' the IP address I set is
to something totally different when I check it on filtcfg.

I've put the correct address into filtcfg, but it keeps changing back
to the
wrong one.

I guess the fact that the second problem is happening probably
explains the
first. But can anyone help me to get the correct IP address to stick

TIA, Bill

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