I am trying to create a series of rules that would copy an incoming message to any of the related folders based on the words in the subject. If I use "Move," it will only put it in the first rule that it checks. If I use "Link," It works as expected except that the original message is still in the inbox. This isn't such\ a big deal, but when the message is read in any of the locations that it is linked to, it is marked as read in all of the other locations. I want it to mark them independently. I feel like a "Copy" action would solve this problem.

For example: Say I have two folders, "Apples" and "Oranges." If I received a message with the word "apple" in the subject, I want it to be moved to the "Apples" folder; however, if it has both "apple" and "orange" in the subject, I would like another copy to be placed in the "Oranges" folder as well. Ideally, the message would be removed from the inbox when it has been copied over.

Thanks for any help.