Hello everyone,

BM 3.8.X is in use in the environment of the company I am working with, it's working fine for the most part. Edir is 8.8.x On a totally new server (installed in the same container, replica added) running NW65 SP7 with craig johnson recommended BM patches, we are testing out a 3.9 install. We installed 3.9, then applied SP1 and then SP2. Everything seemed to go fine until we applied SP2. Now as soon as startbrd is executed the server immediately abends and is is slow/poorly responsive. Abend is page fault processor exception thread owned by ACLCHECK. Does not matter if it's launched from autoexec.ncf or run manually. There are no rules at all in the ACL list, and when I tried making one that didn't change the outcome either.

Before I go hardcore into troubleshooting or blow away the box is there anything that screams out to be the cause? I saw some posts about a beta aclcheck.nlm but those seemed like an abend every week or so this is every time as soon as it's loaded.

Thanks a bunch.