I'm sorry if this is a repeated question, but i have been reading
the posts to do with this subject area and i am totally confused. i
craig's beginners guide to bordermanager, but not packet filtering.
could be my problem.

here is the scenario:

i have a sbs6 server running groupwise 6 and bm3.6 and want to setup
access via an adsl router, i have all the latest patches from the
site, as of yesterday. the router has a public ip address and the
has two nic cards. one designated 'public' and one 'private'. what
configuration should i be using to get mail in and out of the mail

as well as can i ask if the filter exceptions on page 271 and 272 of
border manager book are correct? it seems strange to me that both the

source and destination interfaces are the public one.

once again my apologies and thanks...

David Dwyer
Software Engineer
Talos Ltd