So it seems the migration utility is sensitive to the amount of small files on a server.

We've done two "full" migrations so far.

One NW server had 15 GB of data. Took 15 minutes to transfer across gigabit switch. 1GB/minute more or less.

Second server had 50 GB of data. We figured 50 minutes, right?


Try 10 hours!

At gigabit speed.

Seems if you have lots (hundreds of thousands) of small files, the transfer rates to go hell.

We're now looking at our server migrations having to take 3+ days for each regional office now.

The only idea I could come up with was to create one project in the miggui JUST for the data transfer, start it, let it run for 2 days and then do a SYNC afterwards.

The problem with that is that the miggui doesn't seem to work well with GroupWise files. Notably user's archives. (ie, users have auto-archiving turned on so if they're using the archive while the miggui runs . . .)

We do NOT have local tape drives in the regions and the WAN links are too slow to do a full restore across them (takes 7+ days)

We do NOT have any money leftover for additional hardware either.