I was looking at the picture and can't help, but think how tough they
actually look versus cops in the US.

I don't know about your area of the world, but 90% of the cops and
firefights in my town are grossly overweight and generally have pretty
crappy attitudes while on the job. What's even worse is half of them
don't even know the laws they are upholding.

Yesterday I was told that a guy was pulled over for no license plates.
He had just bought the car and was driving it home. Showed the officer
the sales slip and title and explained he had just bought the car. The
officer wrote him a ticket anyway for failure to display current state
license plate or something like that. In Missouri you have 30 days to
register a vehicle.

On the plus side I do know a few cops on the force who I consider good
cops and good people. They probably won't last a very long time.