I have to connect to an vpn server of another company with a cisco vpn

client 3.6.2 that they gave me. We have Bordermanager 3.7 at our
location and we have trouble connecting to their server. I have read
the answer on another thread with the same problem:

I have tried everything but it still doesn't work, i called the
company and they say that all of the companies with bordermanager
couldn't connect, because of the version of the ipstack, with
bordermanager 3.8 the problem will be solved they told me...

Since i read the above thread i believe it can work, but i don't knowwhat i do wrong. Dynamic nat=on, added the filters as you described,
routing is enabled.
What i don't understand is that i can't ping their server. Unoaded
ipflt but can't ping. Can you please tell me what i do wrong?

Thnx in advance.

Greetings from holland,

E. Verhoef