We're starting to test our web filter appliance (iPrism) using LDAP authentication so that our users do not need to do a second web login to surf the web.

From what I can gather, the web filter appliance will crawl through eDir using LDAP query and look at the networkAddress attribute for the user and find out machine is user is using. This then ties the machine to a user for the web filtering appliance to apply filtering rules.

Now that we've migrated most of our eDir to Linux OES2 SP1, it seems this has negatively impacted how the filter retrieves the networkAddress attribute.

Specifically, it seems that OES Linux server's store networkAddress as TCP type format and not the original Netware way of IP type format.

I believe because the web filter is trying to find the address as an IP type it is no longer working.

It also seems other utilities (e.g. ldapsearch and jrb getrest) that rely on the networkAddress to be stored as IP type also do not work anymore.

Is there a way to have OES Linux store networkAddress as IP type? What options do we have to work around this issue?

Some references:

ldapwiki: Networkaddress Anomalies