I am attempting to configure an FTP srvr on a oes netware with 6.5 sp8. I finally restorted to using FileZilla to try to figure out why I can't connect to it. I have the config set up using the FTPREST file to be sure that a user from eDir is allowed and also that ipaddress of wrkst is entered correctly. I have checked with a port scanner and can see the port is open. But when I attempt to connect using with FileZilla I get the message below returned:

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Response: 220 Service Ready for new User
Command: USER admin
Response: 503 Channel is insecure. AUTH Command Expected
Error: Could not connect to server

I have tried to use different combinations of user names but nothing works. The syntax in the FTPREST file indicates to have a leading . which if I remember correctly is syntax for Full DN. which would be .admin.organization for the user I am testing with.

Anyone help me figure out what I am not seeing here?