We recently had a problem with our NTP synchronization.

I don't know what changed on the network, we have not made any
to the filter settings but it looks like NTP is blocked by the

Here is the problem:

We have the server go out to a NTP compatible site and check the time,
for the last week it has been timing out on the attempt. We first
the remote site was down so we moved to another one, same result. Wechecked the UDP filter to allow NTP on port 123 and it was in place
active. We added less restrictive filters to see if we could get the
past BorderManager with no effect. When we unload IPFLT the time
works, with filtering on it doesn't.

I am kind of stuck in a logic loop, it has to be a filter issue sincestopping packet filtering solves the problem, but the filter is in
place and

Appreciate any help on this one.

Thanks in advance

Ken Hamilton