We have a Netware 6.5 SP6 server in a remote office that is having hardware issues. I want to replace this server with new hardware.

The new hardware is located at our headquarters.

We have a single tree that is partitioned and replicated across our WAN.

I plan to install Netware 6.5 SP8 on the new hardware at our headquarters into a TEST Tree in the context .o=OurCompany. Then, physically move the server to the remote location and merge the sever into the main tree in container .ou=RemoteOffice.o=MyCompany. Then, at night, migrate the data on the old server to the new server hardware. Finally, creating R/W replicas of the remote office container on the new server, promoting it to Master and removing the old server from the tree.

What is the best way to merge the server into our main tree ?

Should I use TREEINT.NLM ? Is this the correct utility in 6.5 ? Do I need to worry about the DS schema not matching ?

Can I use NWCONFIG and remove DS from the new server and then add DS back to the new server and select the main tree ?