I currently got some strange problems with =28I don't know how
to describe this phenomenon=29 'phantom filters'=2E
For some filters I created=2C there do exist 'copies' of
them with slightly altered properties and I can't tell where
they came from=2E

One example=3A
I'd like to create a filter exeption to allow traffic passing back
forth to an external socks server=2E For some reason=2C stateful
isn't working here=2C so I tried to add two rules=2C one for outgoing
and one
for incoming traffic=2E
The first rule for outgoing traffic works just fine and has no ominous
The one for incoming traffic however shall only allow tcp packets
from the socks server ip and source port 1080 towards our network=2C
which is 10=2E0=2E0=2E0=2F255=2E255=2E255=2E128 and it should check
if the ACK bit is set=2E
Now this rule has a litte bother=3A the phantom copy of this rule says
the same=2C except it does no ACK check and the dest subnet mask
is 255=2E255=2E255=2E0 instead of 255=2E255=2E255=2E128=2E
Although I can delete these false copies=2C they reappear everytime Itype =22reinitialize system=22=2E
I'd be glad for any ideas how to get rid of them!

Stefan Fischer