A customer called me with groupwise 8 running the 1/2009 agents. They had mangled a mailbox with 10,000 plus messages in it and were trying to restore it from backup. They had done a gwcheck with a recreate user db. All 10000 messages were in the root of the cabinet.

They had a backup on tape that was old but serviceable that they restored to disk. We had the restore area mounted on the same server as the PO. The user could see and restore mail one message at a time so that meant that the restore area was in the right place and rights were OK.

I should have been able to go to ConsoleOne and restore the whole mailbox from the backup. Every time I tried it i would see a message in the POA log similar to this. Makes it look like it was starting the restore and then finishes without touching the data.

16:13:50 8E9 Processing aad9ed3e.005 Message ID(:0:0)
16:13:50 8E9 Processing Admin Message (o2aad9ed3e.005)
16:13:50 8E9 Processing admin task: Full User Restore
16:13:50 8E9 Remote Request From: creynolds
16:13:50 8E9 Advancing todos:
16:13:52 8E9 Admin Task Completed: OK
16:13:52 8E9 Processed OK

I had to open the backup data from a client in direct mode, search for all messages, archive the mail, logout of the direct connect then login to the online mail box and restore it from the archive.

Before I did all this I removed the existing userdb, dropped it from the guardian db and created a new, empty mailbox.

All this takes a really long time, and besides, it shouldn't be this way :-).

Any ideas anyone?