Hi all,

I have recently upgraded my GW7 system to GW 8.0.1.

With GW7 the "All day event" came available, but I start to dislike that feature.

We have a fancy-pancy phone system that takes calendar information from groupwise, so customer making a direct call to an user that is in a meeting will not have to wait for no response. In general this is a nice feature, aslong my users dont use the "all day event".
I've tried to explain these pesky users to stop using it for all day events, and use a normal posted appointment, without any success.

So, I've decided I want the "All day activity" disabled. But the good question is how.

I realise I can alter the view file to remove the checkbox. But this will be reset whenever a new patch is applied.

Isnt there any other method where "all day event" can be disabled ?