Greetings, running GW800HP2 client and back end. At the office I've defined
2 unrelated custom categories. I then did a search for one of the custom
categories along with tone of the standard FOLLOW-UP category, and saved the
results as a search folder. If I look in the FIND tab of the properties for
the search folder all is good.

Then I go to an outside PC that I have the same version of GW running in
remote mode, and after syncing (send/retrieve) I look at the search folder
and the results don't make sense. I then go into the FIND tab on the remote
PC, and it's looking for that other custom category and FOLLOW-UP...?? So
on the remote PC I modified the search to what I wanted and the search
folder is OK. Now I do a sync, the remote is still OK, but if I check the
PC in the office in ONLINE mode, its' search is messed up, looking for the
wrong custom category..??

It's almost as if GW is assigning a unique i.d.# in the background to the
custom categories, and that this unique i.d.# is assigned by the client as
opposed to the post office, so 2 different clients are pointing at 2
different custom categories.

Anybody else see this, or is it a known bug? I don't see anything about
this in the readme for GW800HP2 nor GW8SP1, and no TID that I can find.