BorderManager 3.7 with sp2 and fp3 with a public, private and DMZ

At the private side is a different NetWare server with DHCP
At the DMZ side is a Cisco AP 350 WireLess LAN configured for wireless

connectivety to some clients.

What I want is to give the wireless clients a IP address from the DHCP


At the BM server is bootp forwarding configured (bootpfwd.nlm) to the
The DHCP server is configured to support the other range in the DMZ.

Filtering is enabled. Exceptions are made for DHCP.

With the filters enabled the wireless client get no IP address from
the AP-
>BM->DHCP server.

When all TCP traffic between the DMZ and the private interface is
the wireless clients still get no IP address.

When all filters are disabled, it works fine!

Does anyone has an idea?