Greetings, testing GW800HP2 (will later update it to GW8SP1) on
SLES10SP2/OES2SP1b test machine with the domain/po/sdd on NSS volumes. I
managed to get my secondary domain up and running (that made my day!), and
now wanted to follow the recommendation in the documentation to run the
agents as non-root for security reasons. When I was reading the
instructions I noticed that for both the Linux only version or the OES/eDir
version, you're creating a user with no password, which I thought odd as a
security recommendation since anyone who finds out about this somehow, and
knows how to do it, could login as that user and have full access to the
domain and post office files.

So then I came to these forums looking up non-root recommendations, and saw
the posting "Is anyone running GW 8 on SLES 10 as a non-root user?" from
Dec-2008 where it's announced that the non-root option doesn't work (is a
defect in GW7 and GW8), so guess I won't go any further...

2 questions though:

- Is this still a defect? There's nothing posted for 10 months now in this
forum, and the GW8SP1 doesn't list this as fixed, and if you search on
"non-root" you still see problems exist

- If I were to use the non-root option, why can't I set a password on the
user I create?