Let me start off by saying we didn't want to do an upgrade as we wanted to move the server from a box to our virtualized environment.

We are running a Server 2003. We have GW 7.x and our current GMS is 2.x

I cannot get the GMS 3.0 to install. The config is identical to the current
server. All pipes are open through our firewall for testing purposes. Nothing is working :( I keep getting erros like:

Unable to send alert notification. SMTP server @ xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xx refused connection.
Mobile Gateway unable to communicate with Secure Gateway on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xx
Error sending SMTP message: '550 Relaying denied'

I cannot figure out why or what is causing these problems. Any input will be greatly appreciate. If you need additional info, please ask.