Spent most of my Labor Day holiday weekend trouble shooting and had no

I have a NW 6.0 sp2 box in a DMZ (private network) behind
3.7 sp2. (Three NICs, Public, Private and DMZ) The NW 6 box is
GroupWise Web Access ( GW 5.5, enhancement Pack ) - all latest service

packs have been installed.

With BMGR filtering off, I can hit GroupWise Web Access, authenticate

and manipulate mail just fine.

When I reinitialize system to restart filters, the whole web server
disappears. Can't even get to the login page from outside the

First I was natting the GWWebAcc server to a Public IP. Gave up on
that, and removed the public address as a secondary address on the
public nic, rebooted and thought I'd try reverse proxy acceleration.

With the reverse proxy for the GW WebAccess server's private IP, I
have no luck communicating unless filters are off.

I have ports 80 and 443 open both ways from my public nic to my DMZ
so I'm stumped.

The GroupWise server itself is in the DMZ as well, and is running the

GWWeb agent talking to the web server. They seem fine, since I have a

allow all packets all interfaces filter exception inside the DMZ

Both the DMZ and Private networks are non-routable IP networks, ie:
192.168.1.x and 172.16.x.x.

Any special filters I should be using for GroupWise Web Access across

the BMGR 37 firewall?


Mark Landvatter