In a NW6.5/SP8 tree, patched and current with GW 8 / SP1,
we to have been gettings abends on the POA's related to SOAP.

1. ONLY 2 out of 7 POA's abends and those 2 do have SOAP enabled.
2. Both these POA's run in NW 2-node clusters so info can be found in
the dump file for the address-space's relating this abend to SOAP

Besides that, our own tree ( = not the same as above ) have an issue
that on maybe 10-14 day's intervall, the POA's get 1 abend but doesn't
die. But, Mobsync looses connection and no syncs can be done.

After rebooting that server and then rebooting the Mobsync server,
client's often have to re-enter all connection info and re-verify
their GW account through the Mobsync Webpage to get the sync working

All these issues on Netware 6.5/Sp8, Groupwise 8/Sp1.
They did NOT occur before we applied GW8-SP1