We have a active directory wide Group Policy which runs a vbscript file at user logoff. This script works absolutely fine across several sites, and close to 3000 PCs and users.

When we install the Zenworks agent on a machine, it then takes 10 minutes to logout, which is the timeout for the group policy.

If we remove the script it works as well. The problem only occurs when there is a logoff script in a GPO, and the zen agent installed on that PC

I have been though the windows logs, including turning verbose on, and checked the agent logs as well. If I execute the script as a Zen bundle it also works correctly. This has been tested on several different PCs, so it is not specific to one machine

I have made sure that the vbscript terminates with a correct quit command.

Has anyone else seen behavior like this? Is it normal behavior with logoff scripts in the GPO and Zen?

Any light shed would be most appeciated