Hello All,

We recently migrated our DHCP services from our Physical NW servers to our virtual SLES10SP2 OES2SP1 servers running on SLES 11. There are a couple of questions/issues I would like to see if anyone else is aware of/has found a resolution to.

First, after the migration, the command "novell-dhcpd start" is used to start the DHCP server, and "novell-dhcpd status/restart/etc" in order to reference the eDir database that has been moved over. It appears that there is no way to automate via insserv or chkconfig the "novell-dhcpd" application. I opened a ticket with Novell related to it and they advised that I use "chkconfig dhcpd on" which from my understanding would start the SLES DHCP service, not the one that is within OES2. I have been nervous about trying it as I don't want to mess up the current leases along with the info in eDir. I was unable to get clearer info from the Novell incident other than to try it. For those of you whom have made the plunge and moved eDir DHCP from NW65 to OES2 SLES, what have you used to make the eDir DHCP info be read? ...and how has it worked, etc?

The other issue is related to one of the "bugs" that they had indicated they were working on that I would like to have known about in advance. We used to be able to automatically have our printers and other devices get IP addresses if they were set for DHCP and we put the desired exceptions into the DHCP Console. Was told during an unrelated incident that this feature is currently not available and has been reported as a bug that they have someone looking into. Has anyone out there gotten this to work with OES2 SLES?

Thanks much,