Having some filter issues as follows.
BM36 all patched - NW6sp2 - Proxy.cfg v6
Using IE connect to Novell patches / IBM drivers sites
Http downloads fine
Ftp does not. Will time out.
Unload ipflt, connects.
Filter debug gives the following;
I'm missing an exception but I'm not sure which one ??
Help ?

INBOUND packet
to "Discard"
Protocol Type=(TCP) Protocol Flag=(PSH ACK)

Source Address=( Address=PUBLIC

Source Port=(21) Destination Port=(3460)

Source TOS=(ftp-control) Destination TOS=(Dynamic)
Source Interface=(2) Destination Interface=(2)

Source Circuit=(46771) Destination Circuit=(0)

Source GroupID=(0) Destination GroupID=(0)

Discard filter rule
from "Exceptions"list
Filter Protocol
Source Interface Type=(Any)Destination Interface Type=(BOARD)

Source Address=( Address=PUBLIC

Source Interface Number=(2)Destination Interface Number=(2)

Source Port Range=(21-21) Destination Port Range=(3460-3460)
Source TOS=(ftp-control) Destination TOS=(Dynamic)
Source Group Name=(None) Destination Group Name=(None)

Source Group ID=(0) Destination Group ID=(0)

SourceRemoteSystemID=(None)Destination Remote System ID=(None)

Source Circuit=(46771) Destination Circuit=(46771)

************************************************** ****************